all the kewl kids are doing it…

Every blog I’ve ever read has started with this type of post, so I guess I’m just an imitator but, ya know, it’s a pretty good idea so I’m gonna do it. So get ready, here comes the requisite “Why?” first blog post, watch me go…

I survived my first semester of college. It was close, but I made it.  The quality of my academic performance remains to be seen, but I’m not trying to worry about that too much right now.  All I know right now is the guy I am right now is the result of some awesome experiences and, alternatively, some not so wise choices from this semester.  This semester has been a struggle in many ways, a breeze in others, but a blessing in every way. The former two are rather easy to see but the latter is a bit more ambiguous.  But that’s where I need to have faith and know that I will be able to look back and see all the blessing that have been set before me, as is always the case. Reflection is important, after all, experience is the best teacher as the old saying goes.  Although, I only have one term’s-worth of experience (which I do admit is minimal, to say the least), it’s more than I had when I got to school in August and that’s really all I have.

Recovery, that’s really what I’m hoping for this break.  The struggle’s been real (#thuggin), I’m praying that once January 14th comes around I’ll be excited for the new semester and ready to give it all I’ve got.  I’ve decided that sleeping habits only rivaled by infants and eating behavior foul enough to make anyone question my morality are not all that this recovery will entail (although that will be a major part of it, I’m not silly). What I’m really hoping for this break is to get right in my relationship with God, and that’s where my reason for this blog really stems from.

This past semester has been an adventure replete with regrets and bad experiences that have torn me away from keeping my eyes fixed on God’s grace and His perfect plan for me.  Which are all things I hope to post on later.  I know my need for Jesus’ dominating role in my life and am hoping to reignite the fire for him in my soul.  I’m hoping that over the course of this next month I can really dive into the Bible and other books and resources and hopefully have a few meaningful conversations along the way.  I see this blog as a way to keep myself accountable, a way to not only read and learn but, also, to dig in and develop my own thoughts.

On that note, I’d like to make this clear: DISCLAIMER: what I write here is a personal reflection and collection of personal opinions based purely upon my own experiences and knowledge.  Please don’t think that I see myself as the omniscient 19 year-old college student (even though I might as well be, jk… just trying to soak up the last couple months of acceptable teenage ignorance over here).  I say this knowing that I’m sure some things I will write may be perceived in this way by whoever reads this. That’s why I feel it necessary to address this even if my boy Tommy is the only one to lay eyes on this page #shoutout.

So yeah, just hoping to get some thoughts down on “pen and paper”, and hey, let’s face it, I’m gonna be so freaking bored for the next month, I might as well do something productive some of the time. My hope for this blog is that, in addition to my own personal growth, some of y’all might be encouraged in your own lives and faith journeys.  Also, why wouldn’t I want to share what Jesus is doing in my life with everyone on the internet. But that’s a topic for another time (probably tomorrow).

Hopefully, you’ve only asked God to save you from the tedium of my thoughts a few times throughout reading this post. But guess what… PRAYERS ANSWERED. Isn’t God good?  That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll holla at y’all lata.


P.S. I apologize in advance for my extensive and entirely inappropriate use of hash tags… imma do me #hatersgonnahate


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