what we know, not what we don’t

A few months ago I read a book called “Love Wins” by Rob Bell. Originally, I took some notes about what I might want to write about and my plan was to write a bit of a reaction to the book. I never got around to writing it and now that it’s been a few months I don’t remember what I was trying to get at with my points (it doesn’t help that I can barely read them in the first place).  I think this is better anyways because now what I remember of the books is what really impacted me. Besides, I’m not in the business of doing book reviews, I don’t like ’em, I’m not about to read about reading (especially since I’m still learning and I have to sound out the words), that’s just silly.  Anyways, the book is controversial, apparently Señor Bell got a lil hot water with those crazy Christian folks, but I don’t really know, someone check my facts cuz they’re probably wrong.

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