what we know, not what we don’t

A few months ago I read a book called “Love Wins” by Rob Bell. Originally, I took some notes about what I might want to write about and my plan was to write a bit of a reaction to the book. I never got around to writing it and now that it’s been a few months I don’t remember what I was trying to get at with my points (it doesn’t help that I can barely read them in the first place).  I think this is better anyways because now what I remember of the books is what really impacted me. Besides, I’m not in the business of doing book reviews, I don’t like ’em, I’m not about to read about reading (especially since I’m still learning and I have to sound out the words), that’s just silly.  Anyways, the book is controversial, apparently Señor Bell got a lil hot water with those crazy Christian folks, but I don’t really know, someone check my facts cuz they’re probably wrong.

The reason I’m happy I didn’t write the post before is that as I look at my notes now, I see a few chapter and page numbers and I think I would’ve been tempted to quote the book (in the proper MLA format, of course) and make sure it was 3-5 pages double spaced with 1 inch margins.  If you want quotes, there’s a whole book of them, it’s called “Love Wins”, I would recommend it, but I’ve never read it. As a result, I probably would’ve taken some individual points from the book and tried to debate them like I have any idea what I’m talking about.  I’m sure there’s some really smart dudes somewhere whose job it is to sit around a big oak table talk about this stuff, so I’ll spare you my theological expertise. Besides, I think what I got from the book isn’t anything that Bell said, I think it would even just void a lot of what’s in the book. My initial reaction, which is also my current reaction (fancy that), is that we shouldn’t be concerned about what God might be doing outside of what he tells us.

In the book there’s a lot of what-ifs about heaven and hell and God getting what he wants and all this stuff and all I wanted to do when I was reading it was stop Robbie from writing and be all “Yo, shut up, who cares, mind your own business.” A lot of the book was God’s about the possibilites of God’s plan and I just think it’s dumb to talk about something like it’s up for debate when it already exists in it’s fullness. God has His plan, He knows it, we don’t, that doesn’t give up the right to start saying this, that and the other thing about what we think it is. I think we need to be more concerned about what we now and not worry about we don’t.

what we know and what we don’t

What do we know? Based on my experience, we know what Scripture tells us and what the Holy Spirit reveals to us, but a lot of times the latter is hard to discern. So I would consider what’s in the Book to be entirely what we know about God’s plan for us. Genesis to Revelation, it’s what we got. It’s true, it’s what God left for us, it’s His word, He wrote it. We know God created the universe like it says in Genesis and we get a glimpse into God’s plan for the future in Revelation. And let’s not forget to include everything in between, there’s some pretty solid stuff in there. I’m not gonna get into specifics about heaven and hell and God’s plan for eternity cuz I’m not quite the Bible scholar that I’d want to have to listen spout off about anything theological, so I’ll pass on that, but it’s in there, trust me.

What I think the issue is, is that what God has revealed to us isn’t enough for us. We we want to know more. Who knows, what we see in Scripture could be 90, 50, or even 5 percent of what God’s plan past, present and future. God’s got a big curtain with the rest of his plan hidden behind and even after He told us, time and time again, that what’s behind it is purely good and in our best interest because he loves us, we still try to peek behind. Is it because we don’t trust Him or we don’t want to obey Him?

the mixup

However, I think it might be dangerous to get not peeking behind the veil confused with not being heavenly minded. I’m not saying that thinking about the future and heaven is bad, because it’s not. Eternity and having an affect on eternity are the core of ministry. The difference is that we know heaven (for the most part) God has told us how to inherit heaven and some stuff about what it’s like so we can depend on that. I think it would be silly to live life differently because “I think there might be something else to His plan, and I’m gonna live my life based on what I think that might be even though this is what He clearly revealed to us.”

I don’t know, I guess I just have a problem with trying to be presumptuous about God’s plan. For me it’s simple, we know what’s in the Book, what he put in the Book is what He wanted us to know. There might be other stuff, but He clearly didn’t want us to know or else… He would’ve put it in the Book.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think the issue is what we seek. In Acts 17 Paul is speaking to the Athenians and he is describing the Lord and who He is and what He is done and in verse 17 Paul says “God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him.” We need to be seeking to learn more about God Himself, not his plan for us. I think that we need to learn about God’s character as it is written in Scripture and how we have seen Him move in out lives, but this all starts with being concerned with what we know, not what we don’t.

But, hey, what do I know?


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