oldies but goodies

let’s talk music for a minute. what i mean when i say music is the combination of lyrics and melodies, harmonies and beats played by instruments, not whatever you were thinking. that’s exactly what you were thinking? oh. at least were on the same page cause sometimes that is a difficult concept for people to grasp. caucasian males have special trouble with the beat part in particular, terrible trouble. anyways, since we’re past that, lets imagine a song with the most beautiful melody you have ever heard. so beautiful you don’t know whether you want to hug the person you’re next to¬†or punch them in the face because you’ve just realized your life up until then has been a complete lie. But this melodic offering is accompanied by the most dreadful lyrics that fool you into thinking ke$ha and lady gaga actually wrote shakespearean sonnets. or, conversely, thoughtful lyrical musings that make your heart implode, delivered amidst sounds that would make you wish you born in outer space where sound is not possible (that’s science, google it). both of these cases are not ideal, to say the least. there has to be a balance between lyrics and instrumentals, a give and take.

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my call and the Corps

I’m gonna brush the dust of this baby (by that I mean this blog, not a literal baby) and take to the keys with a post of a little different flavor. This is gonna be a bit of a hybrid between update and faith stuff. It might be just the tip of the iceberg for this kind of post (and, hopefully, the last incorrectly used idiom… but you get what I’m saying) so if it already sounds like a drag to you, save yourself while you can… I would. Recently, my dream of becoming an officer in the Marine Corps became more of a reality than ever before and my faith is playing a big part in how I’m approaching this decision.

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