I mean, I’m procrastinating, let’s not beat (I originally published this as “beed” cuz I thought that was a word and that’s how much I suck at this) around the bush here, there’s no reason to, I’m probably not actually even talking to anyone because no one’s really gonna read this. Besides, I figure that since I’m finna write about Jesus it’s better than doing school work because there can’t be anything good about doing school work anyways, right? That’s right folks, you heard it here first, there’s nothing glorifying to God about doing school work, that’s in the Bible, somewhere in Ezra. Just kidding y’all, stay in school kids, Jesus says so. But I’m above the Law, though, so I’m gonna blaze my own trail and do a ‘lil writing. Also a joke, I’m just always disobedient to the Lord….. I’m no long sure of where my jokes begin and end.

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