ocs. here goes nothing

Even if you don’t wanna waste your time reading this whole thing, at least read the last section so you know why I won’t be answering your texts/messages for the next six weeks…

Sooooo I started writing this a few days ago and I got a little ways through and stopped because I was like, this is boring. I wasn’t enjoying writing it and I can all but guarantee y’all would not have enjoyed reading it (less than you usually do, at least). So just do my fragile soul a favor while struggling through this revised version and just think about how horrible it could be, because it really could be. I think the reason it was sucking was because I was talking about things I talked about here… and I was trying to explain to you how my speculation wasn’t really speculation but half speculation but really all facts but mostly in my head (which isn’t supposed to make sense so keep reading) and it was like I was just hitting my head on a keyboard because it was actually just the worst thing imaginable. So let’s try and be concise and clear hear because my head still hurts and “ytrewq” is still imprinted on my forehead (that was what I believe to be a rather clever joke but might be a little to abstract, therefore, making it not a very good joke at all but think what you want, regardless, I’ll continue to dwell in my ignorance)…

So I’m going to Officer Candidates School (OCS) for the Marine Corps in a program called Platoon Leaders Class. This is my initial training on the road to become a Marine Officer and Naval Flight Officer. I leave this coming Monday for my first six-week increment of training which is, for the sake of simplicity, officers boot camp. There are more big picture ideas in that post I linked to before. If you are like me and desperately seeking for ways to kill time at work (yeah don’t worry though, I’m just out here being ungrateful for having an awesome summer job) you can hit that.


One of biggest pet peeves is when people talk about things they obviously have no knowledge about or things they have no way of knowing (which are kind of the same thing so who’s really the stupid one here?), so I’m gonna try to avoid doing that by prefacing with this… I have heard, read and seen a lot of things regarding OCS and the only thing I really know is I am going in with a certain expectations about what’s going to happen (to me) and those expectations, for the most part, will completely shattered. So check in with me in six weeks and we’ll talk when I’m six weeks wiser, more experienced and that much closer to my goals. I won’t waste your time more than I already have with all my “expectations” because there’s a lot them, most of which would not interest y’all and most of which will probably end up being elementary adaptations of reality. Everyone loves Sparknotes, though, and I am a huge advocate for abridged versions and plot summaries so here ya go you animals, my expectations:

  • this will be the hardest thing I have ever done, I will be pushed beyond my limits physically, emotionally and spiritually (more on this later cuz what’s anything without extra Jesus?)
  • I will be a different person when I am done, I will be immersed in a completely new and different “culture” for six weeks designed to break down and rebuild each candidate through stress and chaos

…thats all I really got, which really isn’t a whole hell of a lot. So it should be fun right? -_- but as they say, a picture says a thousand words and these videos are a lot of frames per second so these have gotta be at least a million words each:


When trying to describe what OCS will be like I tend to use a lot of graphic hyperbole. I won’t explain too much further what that means just know there’s a lot of descriptive phrases about my butt and other people’s boots. Besides getting my arse run into the ground, long days and short nights one of the things I’m most excited about is the spiritual trials I’m going to face. Jesus is the number one reason I am deciding to this this and, not surprisingly, the number one thing that will get me through.

This August I will be celebrating five years since coming to faith in Jesus #ptl. A lot of my “Christian life” has been the same way (I say that in quotes because, Christian life isn’t a separate sector of our lives but all encompassing, but hopefully y’all will understand what I’m saying). I’ve been through a lot of the same struggles and ministered to and discipled people the same way for all five years (or at least tried to). And not because I have perfected it or it’s grown boring (because nothing about Jesus is boring and nothing about me is perfect), but I’m excited to have a wrench thrown in the machine of my “Christian life.” I’ll be put in so many new situations that will push me spiritually in how I serve others and how I depend fully on the Lord. The times when your faith is hard and uncomfortable, and Jesus pulls you through that, are the times when your faith in him is strengthened the most, and I’m always trying to get a lil more of dat.

With that said, though, I say that now and it’s easy to be all talk. I’m going to need some help from y’all but I’m also no dummy, I’m trying to help myself as much as possible.  I found a PDF of the devotional Jesus Calling online, copied, pasted, formatted, printed and prepared the first 40ish days (don’t tell Sarah Young, I promise I have a print copy too). I’m giving them to a really good friend of mine to mail out everyday so I can get a steady flow of Jesus while I’m there (and get mail).

But y’all can help me to… by writing me (which I’ll talk about later) and, more importantly, praying for me. Praying that I would trust in the Lord, first and foremost, that I would believe this is where I’ve been called to be an not believe the lies I’m fed. To be unashamed of my faith and to let Jesus light shine through my actions and words. That I would rely on God’s strength to serve my fellow candidates when I really don’t want to and serve them well with the primary purpose of growing the kingdom and being an instrument for Jesus to receive the hearts he’s already won.

I’m not sure I effectively illustrated these ideas… oh well.

things that matter

Not that the other things don’t matter but this is logistics and us (or we? idk what the correct grammatical structure is here but we’re all sinners, ya know?) type A people love the who, what, where and when. So here’s the deal, the only way I will be able to communicate while at OCS is via good ol’ snail mail. There’s no pressure but I would really appreciate any of y’all showing ya boy some love and sending me letters (I’ll just find out who my real friends are… jk). OCS is gonna be all out, all the time and having letters to read will be really instrumental to me “getting away” for a bit as much as possible. It’s not important to me if we haven’t talk in days or years, anything would be much appreciated. I will do my best to respond but like I said before a lot of my expectations will be shattered. The time I could be writing I might be better served sleeping… as selfish as that sounds, so I might have to make some choices. But throw me a bone along with some grace. I apologize for the shameless plea, but just yeah, it is what it is. Don’t hate me cuz I kind of do right now lawlz. ❤

If at this point you’re like, “yeah I’lll send this punk a letter or two” here’s what you need to know. I do not know my complete address at this point. I will not know my company and platoon until I get to OCS which is included in the address (I won’t put the rest of the address up now because it has my name #safetyfirst). I guess the way it works is I will send my parents a letter during the check-in process with my address.  I will have my friend post the full address on social media, Facebook will be the the most likely, so check in on that early mid to late next week. Letters are really only appropriate things to send but this article has some guidelines for y’all. These are only necessary because some things will only get me negative attention which, I can assure you, I won’t be needing any more of (dangling prep, sorry I’ll go repent now).

I really hope this isn’t confusing because that would stupid for me to ask for something and then make it hard for the people from whom I’m asking a favor (gotcha). But yeah, that’s why I won’t be around for a month and a half. I really do appreciate y’all! I hope this wasn’t too sentimental cuz I’m a below average height, not exceptionally strong, man (at least legally) that doesn’t show my emotions because I don’t have any.


fine print: not knowing correct English grammar is not actually a sin (I don’t think), although it would probably benefit you in the long run, but I obviously can’t say from experience cuzzzz yeah.

PS. the joke is that the key board is has “qwerty” on it… got it… but if I hit my head on it, it would imprint backwards because that’s the way the world works. It’s really confusing and I don’t really agree with it, trust me, I know.


One thought on “ocs. here goes nothing

  1. Good luck Johnny! We will write as soon as I get your full address! Congratulations on reaching your goal!! You can get through this you know we all support you!

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