about this guy

¿What’s up y’all? basically all you need to know about me in order to come to the conclusion that I’m not really worth knowing about (sorry to waste your time) is this…

  • I’m currently a second-year college student in Richmond, VA working very begrudgingly toward a degree in Computer Science, cause I’m the least bad at stuff that has to do with numbers and math and stuff
  • I have hopes of a career in the military and pursuing a commission as an officer in the United States Marine Corps through the Platoon Leaders Class (which I’ll talk a ‘lil about in a post here, soon, on that page, upcoming)
  • I am a Young Life leader in Richmond’s West End and absolutely luving it. This organization/ministry is really special to me and I’m lucky to be a part of what they’re doing
  • Finally, but most importantly, I am sold out for Jesus Christ, who saved my life in a radical way (but aren’t we all, really?), and is leading me and teaching me about Himself more and more every day and I couldn’t be more thankful

…that’s just a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for y’all to pretend like you care about. It only took me a year after starting this jank to figure out four moderately interesting facts about my life, because I’m lame (if you couldn’t tell already).

on the real doe, thanks for stopping by…

this might also explain some stuff… (don’t be scared, it’s just my first post)